Saturday, March 20, 2010


my eyes become bloat bcoz..i always cry ahaha..bcoz..i cannot tell u..everyday i cry bcoz i..argh..cannot.cannot.cannot tell u..ahh..very sad..who someone that i can trust him/her..i wann a share my secret to someone.very tension..anyway..i rely2..miss u akk..ahaha...i've changed my num..who wanna know u can ask 2 me..oh no!!2morro i've netbol exercise..on monday i've go 2 fight wif the other skul..i hop my tcer not choos me..bcoz i don't hav any mood 2 u undestand my gramma??if u don't undestan u can ask 2 me through the chatbox..i rely2 love dreams:1 day i wanna speak straight in eng..i vveerryy22 lloovvee eenngg...who read my blog i request u can teach me in english..i redy 2 be de good pupil..ahahahaha..

dis entry special fo k.niesa..
k.nisa i'm so sory..i promise i will not hurt u anymor..ples 4giv me..ilysm..

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